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Trip report 4: Om nom nom

I mentioned yesterday that we were served meals at Mar-Lu-Ridge, but I neglected to mention the theme dinners Thursday and Friday.

Thursday was Wild Animal Night, when campers were invited to dress up as animals for dinner. An arts and crafts time was held after swimming for the kids to work on their costumes if they hadn't brought anything.The two oldest girls dressed up as birds: Molly added a pink construction-paper beak and paper-bag wings to a pink hoodie to be a flamingo; Libby made a feathered mask and wings to be a ... bird of some sort, I don't know, you figure it out.

The kids on WIld Amimal Night

Ikey is a dinosaur-monster. I think Andy made the mask; the girls made him a tail. (You can he the yarn holding it on around his waist.) Molly made Andy paper turtle-shell to wear on his back. As for me, I just wore a Madison Mallards baseball cap. Hey, it had a duck on it, that's an animal!

Friday night was Superhero/Princess Night; you could dress up as either a superhero, or a princess. Libby is really into novelty mustaches -- "way before anyone else was!" -- so she added a mustache-shaped black construction-paper mask to a mustachioed hat and sweatshirt she'd brought with her to become Mustache Girl. Molly decided she wanted to be both a superhero and a princess, and came up with the character Princess Flower-Power. Behold!

The kids on on Superhero/Princess Night

Andy drew a five-sided figure with a D inside it, with a sign beneath it explaining that while his symbol resembled the Earth letter D, on his home planet it meant something else. Along those same lines, the girls made an S for Lucy to wear on her shirt. As did I for my own shirt, using my (if I do say so myself) outstanding Superman symbol-making abilities. But I ended up not wearing it; a kid from another family saw it and asked if he could add it to his costume, and I just couldn't say no to that.

the superest!
Photo via Mar Lu Ridge on Facebook

It's crooked because I couldn't find any thing with which to stick it directly to his shirt, so it's attached to the cape with a clothespin. He gave it back after dinner though, so I have it as a souvenir of the week.

One other food note, from the first half of the trip. The day we were at Knoebels, Andy I were talking about where we'd have lunch when we and the two younger kids rejoined the two older kids, who had gone off to do their own thing. Ultimately we settled on The Alamo, which was described as a full-service family restaurant on the park map and happened to be a few hundred feet from where we'd be meeting. Andy said, "I just home we can remember the name."

"Good point," I said. "Ask me in a little bit what the name of the restaurant is, to see if I remember it."

A few seconds later, Andy asked, "Hey, what was the name of that restaurant?"

"The Maine!"
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