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Just a quick update. The trip to the San Francisco Diego Zoo Saturday was terrific, although I did not get to see any armadillos, though not for any lack of trying. I also was frustrated in my attempt to get a picture of sun bears for hollysbears, perhaps because the sun had gone down by the time we entered the Sun Bear Forest. Alas. I did get to see many other animals, and it's a beautiful zoo, so it was all good.

Sunday was a light day; I hung around boliver's house most of the day watching episodes of Angel and packing. Later in the afternoon, we all piled into cars and went to Mission Bay Park, where we just lolled about under trees talking and playing games. It wasn't substantially different from the lolling about we'd been doing at boliver's, but when you loll about a park, it counts as an activity in a way lolling about a house does not.

I hit the road about 6:30, and slowly made my way north to Los Angeles, where I spent the night with the lovely and vivacious xtmont. We're about to head out for some breakfast now, and it's off to that mission in Lompoc Sep told me to go to. Whee!

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