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Trip report day 5: Good grace from hood spacious

If you've never been to church camp, you may be unfamiliar with the concept of sung grace. It's not a difficult concept to grasp; you say grace, like one might before any meal, but you sing it instead of saying it. I'm no great fan of it, personally -- give me something short and to the point like the Philmont Grace any day -- but the kids seem to like them.

Most sung graces are pretty silly (which is probably why both at Mar-Lu-Ridge and at Nawakwa, the sung graces were always followed by spoken graces) and often are set to familiar tunes. For example, there's the Superman grace, which is sung to the theme song from the 1978 Superman movie. It also has hand gestures, because you're not allowed to sing anything at camp without hand gestures. Other graces sung at Mar-Lu-Ridge included Batman grace (sung to the tune of the 1966 Batman TV series), Little Mermaid grace (sung to "Part of Your World"), and Johnny Appleseed grace, which apparently is a grace now even though it originally appeared in a Disney animated short.

One night after dinner, my brother commented that the songs used for the sung graces tended to be pretty old, and that they needed new ones set to newer songs. So I took him up on it and wrote a grace to be sung (roughly) to the chorus of "We Are Young" by Fun. I presented it to the counselors and it received its world premiere before breakfast on Saturday morning. Here it is!

Fun. grace

To God
We give thanks
For this food and for the blessings
That you gave

To God
We give thanks
For this camp and for the friendships
That we made


You can repeat the Amen over and over a la the na na na part of the song, but I elected to just sing it once because nuts to that. I mean, my preferred grace is 17 words long, you think I'm going to sing Amen a million times for no good reason?

Tags: family, music, religion, travel

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