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Grimm tidings

It occurs to me that I owe htbthomas a report on what I thought of the second season of Grimm, which I was able to watch in advance of the DVD release thanks to her generosity. In short, I liked it! Some random thoughts:

[Spoilers behind the cut (click to open)]
  • Bringing Hank into the loop was a good idea. I think it would have been all but impossible for the writers to come up with plausible ways to keep him unaware of Nick's powers and abilities, and they didn't really lose anything because they still have Sgt. Wu on hand to do the straight police stuff.
  • Speaking of Nick's powers and abilities, am I forgetting something, or did they just completely drop the idea that being blinded by the fly-guy gave Nick enhanced hearing? One would hope.
  • As a former Buffy and Angel watcher, I appreciate how Grimm has managed to build a team around Nick that is akin to the Scooby Gang and the Angel Investigations staff without duplicating either one. I think that's kind of impressive, given how easy it would have been to, say, make Rosalee into a Willow analogue.
  • Before I started the season, Barb mentioned that a lot of fans felt the amnesiac!Juliette story dragged on too long, and the AV Club reviews made the same point. But I have to say, it didn't play as too long or too drawn out when you watch all 22 episodes over the course of 23 days.
  • The AV Club reviewer also made the point that when Juliette finally did get her memory back and finally was formally introduced to the Wesen world, she took it more calmly that he thought plausible. But I disagree. By that time, she'd already been introduced to the supernatural side of things by way of the cure for her and Capt. Renard's mutual obsession. OK, it wasn't explicitly supernatural, but it was certainly far enough out of the ordinary that it would smooth the path for her when she did learn the full truth.
  • My favorite episode of the season was probably the one with the ghostly woman who kidnapped and drowned children. It was effectively creepy, and I liked the way it introduced the idea that there's more to the supernatural world of the Grimmverse other than just the various species of Wesen and potionmaking. I also liked the one with the lawyer who can control people's minds. I was a bit lost at times with that one, though, because I missed a big chunk of the middle of the first-season episode where that particular species of Wesen was introduced due to a big scratch on the DVD.
  • As I wrote the word "potionmaking" in the previous paragraph, it occurred to me that Grimm totally validates the idea that Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts would be required subjects all seven years at Hogwarts. And dammit, now I want to go look for Harry Potter/Grimm crossover fics.
  • I'm always taken aback by how violent the show can be at times. It's not just the grisly Wesen attacks; it's the gun play too. Real police just don't discharge their weapons that often. And as my only real exposure to cop shows in the recent past has been Law & Order, it always surprises me how often Nick and Hank and even Sgt. Wu fire their weapons.
  • The weakest episode of the season for me was the one with the Wesen church. The idea of a Wesen church is really interesting, but they didn't really do anything interesting with it. I suppose it was sort of interesting, in a change of pace sort of way, to see the bad guy get away with it. And while I didn't dislike the episodes in question, I did think it was sloppy to have a run of four episodes where three of the four involved young Wesen having trouble coping with being Wesen.
  • I can't say I was thrilled with the season ending with a cliffhanger. I like cliffhangers when they happen in the middle of a season, because they really get you excited about the next episode, but I think a season should end with either a definite end to that season's arc (if it's the kind of show that has season-long arcs) or a gamechanger sort of ending that leaves you wondering where the show will go from that point. Both, ideally. A season-ending cliffhanger has to be unimaginably huge to sustain interest over an entire summer, and I don't think I've seen one that big since part one of "The Best of Both Worlds," the third season finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation. "Nick is in a box!" certainly doesn't cut it.

Good enough, Barb?

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