John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Hot hot hot

It's hot! Not super-hot, I guess, but hot enough for all of southern Wisconsin to be under a heat advisory for the next few days. Yeah, I know it's July. I don't care. It's too hot, and I do not approve!

What I hate about heat waves like this is not how hot it gets during the day, but how hot it remains at night. I personally do not consider it acceptable for the temperature to still in the 80s after the sun goes down. That is contrary to the natural order of things!

One of the consequences of the heat is that the back yard isn't going to get mowed until this Saturday, when things are supposed to cool off a bit. I tried to mow it a week ago today, but only finished about 6 square feet before I ran out of gas. That was irritating, because I'd told the woman I rent from that the gas can in the garage needed to be refilled all the way back on June 23, and she hasn't done it yet.

I suppose I could have walked or biked over to the gas station to fill it up myself, but that's not the deal we have. Besides, it's not like I'm champing at the bit to mow the yard. It's hot!
Tags: environment

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