John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

And another thing tangently related to clocks

About half the time I go to use the microwave, I find that my landlady has removed the item she was cooking from the oven before the timer ran out and failed to clear the time. The guy I lived with in northern Virginia used to do this too, and I just don't get it at all. Why not just set the time for the amount of time you need? Granted, sometimes you don't know exactly how much time you need, like when you're making popcorn, but then why wouldn't you clear the rest of the time so the next person who comes along can use the oven, or at the very least so you can see what time it is?

Maybe, though, it's the microwave's fault, for being unusable without a set time limit. She never uses a kitchen timer when she's using the range, so I suppose if she could turn on the microwave and use it without the timer, she would. Do they make microwave ovens like that? I've never heard of or seen one.

This talk of timers reminds me of when the landlady her current range. It has a feature not unlike a microwave timer; you could set it for an hour, and after an hour the oven would shut off. It also has a standard kitchen timer, but I failed to realize that for for the first few months after it was installed, and so I just always used the oven timer. I don't remember exactly how I figured out I was doing it wrong, but I'm pretty sure a mild burn was involved.
Tags: cooking, petty complaints

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