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UPDATE! As I've gotten deeper into Words of Wonder, I have indeed run across a handful of instances where the level was unsolvable, which you'll recall was a problem for which I had criticized certain bubble saga games. For example, I ran across a level in which I was required to clear two X tiles from the board, but only one X tiles appeared on the board before I ran out of turns. Bad game, bad!

UPDATE! Life imitated art rather forcefully earlier this week, when British Prime Minister David Cameron asked Parliament to endorse military action against Syria in Parliament. Cameron's proposal was widely viewed as an attempt to give the appearance of multinational support for a military response to the Syrian regime's alleged chemical weapon attack against rebel forces in Damascus. This is depressingly similar to what happens in In the Loop: the British government comes to the aid of hawks in the U.S. government by working behind the scenes at the U.N. to bring about a vote authorizing the invasion of Iraq. The difference in this case is that Cameron's attempt to carry water for the White House didn't work; Parliament rejected the proposal by 13 votes. That doesn't seem to be dissuading the administration, which is unfortunate. But hey, it's not like anything bad has ever come of the U.S. attacking another country,right?

UPDATE! The joke I shared on National Tell a Joke Day was not received with universal acclaim:

To be fair, that is not an uncommon reaction to this joke. But my experience is that it seems to get funnier the more you tell it.

UPDATE! The day I spent at the Duck Pond celebrating the Madison Mallards Summer Collegiate World Series championship was followed by a terrible night's sleep. The culprit, I suspect, was the Diet Pepsi I drank at the ballpark. I've all but eliminated caffeinated pop from my diet in the last few weeks, and the soda I had that day was the first I'd had in over a week. When I drank caffeinated drinks regularly, I didn't seem to notice that it had much of an effect on my ability to sleep, but once the caffeine was out of my system, BAM.

UPDATE! As it happens, and much to my surprise, the detours on my two most-frequently ridden bus routes did come to an end on August 25, when the other service improvements took effect. I'm not exaggerating when I say I was surprised; I only knew it was over because I happened to see one of the previously detoured buses running its normal route while waiting for another bus. Not only was there no announcement, the Madison Metro website still listed the detour as being in effect on Monday morning. The detour ended with so little fanfare that just yesterday, the driver of the bus I was riding home took the detour route. Bad driver, bad!

UPDATE! I'm still getting teddyheartluver's emails, but I did finally stop getting promotional emails from Travelocity. The last one arrived on July 12, a little more than two full months after I removed my email address from my Travelocity account, and more than six weeks after I deleted my Travelocity account altogether. I'm really curious as to why I continued to receive the emails and why it took them so long to fix it, but I'm a little wary about contacting them to ask lest they start sending them to me again.

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