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Hello, it's me

Some of you may have noticed over the course of the last, say, six to eight weeks, my journal has been somewhat wanting for new posts. Well, there's an explanation for that: I haven't posted very much.

So why have I not been posting? The short explanation is that I haven't felt like posting anything. The slightly longer explanation is that a lot of the time I otherwise might have spent composing journal entries has been spent in the Television Without Pity forums. Back in the old days -- that is, prior to the middle of of September this year -- I largely confined my activities to the Buffy and Announcements, Bugs and Feedback forum. And the server kept track of what threads I'd visited, so it was easy to duck in for a few minutes, knowing that when I returned, I would be able to pick up exactly where I left off.

Then they changed the forum software. Now when I leave the forums, it marks all the posts read, whether I've read them or not. That wouldn't be a problem if I was still reading just those two forums I mentioned above. But with the new TV season, and the greatly reduced volume in the Buffy forum, I've branched out into some new forums. I now follow the forums for six additional shows -- Angel, Gilmore Girls, The West Wing, Las Vegas, Miss Match, and Tru Calling -- plus a handful of individual topics in the Sitcoms and Sci-Fi forums. I don't follow all the topics in any of them, but they keep me busy enough; in the last month, I've posted 280 times, bringing my total to 2,669 posts, 107th among all members in total posts. (And right behind me, with 2,665 posts, is jenelope.)

But Miss Match and Tru Calling may not be long for this world -- no great loss in the latter case -- so that may free up some time. Of course, neither of those forums are particularly busy, but every little bit helps. Regardless, I'm going to try to maintain a more regular posting schedule in this journal. No promises though.

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