John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

The shutdown

I feel like I should write something about the government shutdown, because I have quite a few friends who have been thrown out of work as a result and because I myself used to work for the Federal government. But in fact I find myself with little to say, other than that the reactionary idiots in the House of Representatives' Republican caucus should be ashamed of themselves for letting this happen, though being both reactionaries and idiots I'm sure they're actually quite proud of themselves.

I don't even have any interesting memories of the last shutdown, because at the time I was working for Sen. Paul Wellstone, and I worked right through it. Each individual Member of Congress is considered an independent employing authority, and therefore each one was able to decide whether his or her staff would continue to work. Sen. Wellstone decided that he wanted his staff on hand to continue responding to constituent requests, so I reported to work every day for the duration of the shutdown.

I was reminded by my brother earlier today of one curious thing about the 1995-96 shutdown. The shutdown came to an end on January 6, 1996 ... just in time for the government to be shut down by a massive blizzard. That was a paid day off, at least.
Tags: government, halcyon days of yore, politics

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