John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton


When my chili was finished last night, I still had about 2.5 cups of pumpkin puree left. That's a small problem, in that most of the pumpkin-based recipes I looked at on call for no more than 2 cups. What the heck do I do with a half-cup of pumpkin puree? I suppose the easiest solution would be to find two recipes, one calling for one cup and another calling for 1.5 cups, Or I could just scale up a recipe calling for two cups, but as I've said before, scaling recipes is a hassle.

Actually, probably the easiest thing to do is to make another batch of chili. The extra puree would make it too thick -- and it's already super thick -- but I could compensate by adding another can of tomatoes or some tomato juice. I'd rather have chili than pumpkin bread or pumpkin cookies or whatever. But I don't suppose there's any need to decide right now. The puree will keep for a few more days.

I also need to look into what I might do with the turnips I picked up at the farmer's market last weekend. My first instinct is to slice them up and eat them raw, which I think is a tasty treat, but maybe there's something else I could try. Any thoughts from the peanut gallery?
Tags: cooking

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