John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Birthday girls

It's Dawn Wells's birthday! She's 75 today, and still pretty good lookin' if I may say so.

Dawn Wells then and now
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As with all right thinking people, I preferred Mary Ann to Ginger. What can I say, I dig that girl next door type. Similarly, I prefer Betty to Veronica, Lana Lang to Lois Lane, Bailey Quarters to Jennifer Marlowe, and so on. And my first celebrity crush was on the archetypal GND of my childhood, Kristy McNichol. Why do you think my favorite episode of The Love Boat is the one with her and Scott Baio as young lovers? (For a while, that episode was available online, but I was always sort of afraid to watch it as an adult. Some things, especially old TV shows, are best left as fond memories.)

Also born today, though not a girl next door type, is Corinne Bohrer, one of my favorite underappreciated actresses. Most of the people reading this will probably remember her best as Lianne Mars, Veronica's mother on Veronica Mars, but I (and probably I alone) will always think of her first as Lolie, Maria Pitillo's character's best friend on the short-lived (yet fondly remembered by me and very few other people) Fox sitcom Partners. Goodness knows there have been plenty of series canceled by Fox before their time, but even when you factor Firefly and Arrested Development and Undeclared into the equation, Partners is still the one I miss the most.
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