John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Women's athletics

The past two days brought a pair of unexpected events relating to women's college athletics.

Last night, I was informed that I had won a pair of season tickets for the UW-Madison women's hockey team. It was quite a surprise, partly because I never really expect to win the contests I enter but also because I didn't remember having entered the contest in the first place. Unfortunately, I was unable to pick up the tickets last night, so I've already missed one of the games. I was able to make it to the game played this afternoon though, and watched the Badgers skate circles around the St. Cloud State Huskies, and more importantly score six goals to SCSU's zero. I was excited to see two players on the ice named Burke, but neither turned out to be zengoalie. For one thing, neither was a goalie; also, both were, I think, just slightly younger than ZG. Wisconsin's Burke score the game-winning goal, though. Rah!

The other, even more unexpected event was running into several members of the Cornell College women's tennis team in downtown Madison this morning. I found this somewhat curious, as Division III Cornell College is an unlikely opponent for Division I UW-Madison, and I was pretty sure Edgewood College wasn't in Cornell's athletic conference. But they explained that they were in town for the Midwest Conference Women's Singles/Doubles Tennis Championships, which are being held at UW-Madison's Nielsen Tennis Stadium. Unsurprisingly, the small schools that comprise the Midwest Conference don't have tennis facilities large enough to host a conference-wide tournament. They did not seem overimpressed meeting someone who was graduated from Cornell before some of them were born, but I was excited to seem them. With a student body as small as Cornell's, it's always a surprise to run into a fellow grad or a current student. (Not as surprising as when I was in the DC area, of course; out there, it was a surprise that anyone had even heard of my Cornell.) I may even head over to the tennis stadium tomorrow and watch a match or two. I don't think I have anything better to do.
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