John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

I don't understand tennis

As I suggested I might, I dropped by the Nielsen Tennis Stadium at UW-Madison to watch the Cornell College women's tennis team play in the Midwest Conference Championship. Alas, I failed to bring them good luck; Cornell lost all three matches I watched, and if I'm reading the results correctly none of the Cornell women made it past the quarterfinals. In fact; I may have brought them bad luck, since they did pretty well in doubles play yesterday. Two of Cornell's doubles teams won the consolation final in their respective flights.

My enjoyment of the three matches I watched was additionally hampered by my knowing very little about tennis. And by very little I mean almost nothing at all. I know that hitting the ball out-of-bounds or into the net is bad, as is failing to hit the ball at or or before the second bound, but the scoring is completely opaque to me. I can't even make sense of it in retrospect, looking at the results page on the tournament website. The two opening round matches I watched were best of three sets, with each set played to 6, but the consolation match I saw was one set played to 8. How does that make sense?

Nevertheless, it was nice to be able to cheer on my alma mater without having to drive to Iowa to do it. I'm glad I happened to run into the team yesterday morning; otherwise, I never would have known they were in town. There are a couple hundred Cornell grads in the Madison area, and I'll bet more of them than just me would've dropped in on the tournament if the alumni office had bothered to let us know the tournament was being held here.
Tags: cornell college, sports: other, uw-madison, wisconsin: madison

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