John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Observations from a night at the mall

A few days ago I mentioned that I have a season job working at a calendar store at the mall. Well, that's a bit of an oversimplification; there are actually two calendar stores at the mall; one is an inline store that sells calendars, games, and toys, and the other is a freestanding kiosk at the other end of the mall that just sells calendars. They're owned by the same people and I work at both. (Not at the same time, though.) Last night I was at the kiosk, and I have some observations.

* Not being in the main store meant I didn't have to listen to the same two dozen songs on repeat, but it also meant I had to listen to holiday music all night. Which is a good trade, in my opinion; I have no particular objection to holiday music, and I got to hear some of my favorites, including Darlene Love's version of "Marshmallow World" from A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector; the Vince Guaraldi Trio arrangement of "What Child Is This" from A Charlie Brown Christmas; and the "Happy Holiday/It's The Holiday Season" medley by Andy Williams.

* The calendar kiosk is located just outside Bath and Body Works, which I'm sure is a fine company in many respects, but I don't think I could stand to work there. Even from the hallway, the fragrance is almost overpowering. That didn't stop me from going in and getting some lotion -- Forever Midnight Triple Moisturizing Body Lotion, if you must know -- from one of their testers. The air in the mall, it turns out, is really dry, and my skin badly needed moisturizing by the end of the night. I'll have to remember to throw some lip balm in my bag for the next time I'm scheduled to work there.

* I had a nice little chat with the mall Santa. His house is adjacent to the kiosk, and he waved and said hi as he saw me returning to the kiosk from the main store, where I'd gone to drop off some overstock and empty boxes. (Unsurprisingly, he wasn't overwhelmed with visitors at 8:30 PM on November 12.) Santa mentioned that he had a shirt just like the one I was wearing -- a long-sleeved blue polo -- and that he'd considered wearing it that evening. "That would have been embarrassing for both of us," I said.

* Speaking of overstock, corporate knows exactly how big the kiosk is, and how much it can hold, and yet they have sent us more product than we're capable of keeping on display. As of last night, we are at the saturation point for boxed desk calendars. Beyond that point, really; I had to put some of them side-out, which I think is contraindicated by the merchandising standards. But in my view, it's better to have it on the floor than in the back.

* The Buffy the Vampire Slayer wall calendar has six photos or illustrations of Buffy and Angel, and one each of Buffy and Spike and Buffy and Riley. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
Tags: holidays: christmas, music, tv: whedonverse, work

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