John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Christmas music

Speaking of music for Christmas, it's now close enough to that holiday, from a retailing perspective, to hear seasonal music more often than not when you're out shopping. The calendar store has now switched over from its eclectic pop mix to a mix of holiday favorites. Which is a bit of a mixed blessing; yes, I'm no longer hearing "Party in the USA" as often as I recently was, but right now we have only one CD of holiday music, so it's even more repetitive. Also, the mix features Mariah Carey's version of "All I Want for Christmas Is You" instead of the version I prefer, the one by Olivia Olsen from Love Actually.

I am tempted to make my own mix and take it to the store. I think I have pretty good taste in holiday music. And I would make sure that all the songs were legitimate holiday songs. Just having "wintertime imagery" doesn't cut it with me, no sir. I might make an exception for "Sleigh Ride," because "Sleigh Ride" is awesome and I like to hum the French horn part.

I don't really get why songs with wintertime imagery are so often only played during the winter. Songs about summer aren't played only during the summer, so why should we be able to hear Darlene Love singing "Marshmallow World" all year round?

I think we can all agree the world would be a better place if we heard Darlene Love more often.
Tags: holidays: christmas, music

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