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Other stuff I made

Speaking of church, and cooking, I made a simple pasta salad for the annual Advent wreath-making event last night. The pasta and dressing part of the salad could hardly have been simpler; I used a Betty Crocker product called Suddenly Salad. The back of the value-sized box suggested gussying it up with a bag of winter vegetable mix, some halved pepperoni slices, and a couple cans of black olives, which I did do, except for the olives, because I hate olives, and I used whole pepperoni minis instead of halved regular-sized pepperoni slices, because past experience demonstrated that the halved pepperonis tend to clump together when you stir them into the salad. It's tasty! Give it a try some time.

I also made, as one might expect one would at an Advent wreath-making event, an Advent wreath. More precisely, I helped my nephew make one. I think it turned out great!

Me and my nephew with his Advent wreath

My major contribution to the project was securing the bow at the center of the wreath. (Which is not a wreath, really, but rather numerous small pine branches stuck into one of a block of floral foam.) I used a couple of twist-ties to attach the bow to a small stick of wood, which I them pushed down into the foam. I suppose inviting him and my sister to come to the event is also a contribution of sorts.
Tags: church, cooking, excursions, family

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