John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton


Stress is getting to me. It's not bad stress, the sort born of unhappiness or despair, but rather the kind caused by not having as much time to relax as one might wish. Between the two jobs and the additional travel time associated with that and my church responsibilities and the cold weather and the reduced daylight ... it all adds up.

I'm already experiencing one of my classic reactions to stress: I only want to read fanfic. I've revisted a number of my favorite Harry Potter fics, and a quick look at ff.n earlier revealed a bunch of Harry/Susan Bones fics I haven't read. That and the no doubt huge number of Jeff/Annie fics that have been written since my last fic-reading binge should get me throuh the end of the year, when I expect things to settle down.

I also intend to listen to this song, often and loudly. It has a strange power to strengthen my spirit.

Tags: church, fanfiction, holidays: christmas, music, videos, work

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