John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Weekend miscellany

Hey, I have a day off tomorrow! From working, anyway. I have some personal tasks that I've had to put off for a while, like checking the account where I receive all my commercial and mailing list emails in two weeks, and spending some time with the Obamacare website, and later in the day I have to drive the church van from the UW-Madison campus to the church for English Conversation Time. And I see there's a Badger women's hockey game that afternoon, so maybe I'll drop in on that. I mean, I've got season tickets, may as well use them.

Friday will also be the sixth day in a row that I've spent an hour or more at the church:

Sunday: Worship service
Monday: Connections Commission meeting
Tuesday: Deacons potluck
Wednesday: Advent meal and Vespers service
Thursday: Bell and Chancel Choir rehearsal
Friday: English Conversation Time

As yet, I have no reason to be at the church on Saturday. I might ride past it on the bus, though.

What I do have on Saturday, other than working at the mall, is a Christmas party. The Madison City Clerk is having her annual Christmas open house. She and her daughter spend most of the month of November making and freezing various kinds of cookie dough and most of the week before the party baking. Guests are encouraged to bring tins or containers and take home as many different kinds of cookies -- I think the invitation said she'd have about 90 different types this year -- as they can carry. Yum!

Sunday it's back to church, of course, and after that my sister and I are going to a hockey game together. Fun!

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