John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Must be some Toros in the atmosphere

Here are some ways I might have described the weather today, were I still in college:

  • Butt cold
  • Ochen cold
  • Colder than a witch's tit

I was introduced to using "butt" as an all-purpose intensifier by my college pal Dick Z., who lived in the room next to me. His reasoning was that if "butt" could be used to mean "very" in the phrase "butt ugly," then it could serve the same purpose for any word. Being freshmen boys, we embraced this logic wholeheartedly. Ochen is the Russian word for "very," and since one of our circle of friends was a Russian major, that worked its way into our vocabulary as well. As for the third, Erik B. introduced us to that one, which apparently was something people said up in his hometown in northern Wisconson. (In a similar vein, he also introduced us to a similarly colorful weather-related phrase: "pissing like a big dog," used to describe a heavy rainfall.

Anyway, the point is that it was cold today. When I left the house this morning, the official temperature in Madison was 2° F. By the time I left for the Christmas open house I attended this afternoon, it had soared to 13°, and when I left there an hour later to go to work, we'd reached our high for the day, 15°. It's back down into the single digits now. Tomorrow will be comparatively balmy, with a projected high of 26° -- but it will also start snowing. They're forecasting up to 2 inches before the day is through. Could cause some commuting problems Monday morning, but I don't work until 2:00 p.m. so I hope it won't affect me.

It was also very cold yesterday, which wasn't any fun for me but was a whole lot less fun for some people I met at English Conversation Time last night. They had walked to the church from Capitol Square, a short (less than a mile) and pleasant walk on a warm sunny day but not so much after dark in 10° weather. Making it all the worse for them was that they were all Burkinabé, which is to say natives of Burkina Faso, a primarily tropical country in west Africa. Luckily for them, they ended up getting rides home afterward. As did I, thankfully.

Tags: church, cornell college, halcyon days of yore, weather, wisconsin: madison

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