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Miscellaneous UPDATE!s

UPDATE! I'm still reading naught but Harry Potter fan fiction, but things are improving slightly in that I've moved past just re-reading old favorites and looking for ones I haven't read. I read a couple of pretty good Harry Potter/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossovers (and a third that was so dreadful I dropped it after the first ten chapters) and I'm in the middle of an enjoyable Harry/Susan fic right now. It's just the sort of completely brainless reading I need right now.

Once that's done, though, I have an actual book to read: The Cuckoo's Calling, the detective novel J. K. Rowling wrote under a pseudonym. I didn't have to wait very long for the copy I placed on hold to arrive, because I cleverly placed a hold for a large-print edition instead of the, ah, regular-print. The only downside for me is that the large-print edition wasn't published until after Rowling was revealed to be the author, so the author's blurb on the back flap is about her. I would have liked to see what it had to say about "Robert Galbraith." One could also consider the fact that I'm keeping a large-print copy of the book out of the hands of someone with bad eyesight who might actually need a large-print copy to be a downside.

* * *

UPDATE! This week is shaping up to be less busy churchwise than last, at least in terms of actually having to go to there. I was there on Sunday, of course, and much earlier than usual too since the bell choir played that day, and I'll be there on Thursday for choir rehearsal, and twice on Friday, in the morning for the memorial service of a longtime choir member and in the evening for English Conversation Time, and on Saturday for the orchestra rehearsal for the Vivaldi Gloria, which the choir will sing in worship next Sunday ... hm, that's five visits in one calendar week versus six last week, so not really that much less busy. Especially since I had to do a bit of work coordinating volunteers to help prepare and serve a meal following the aforementioned memorial service. Nothing too strenuous, mind you -- I talked to the widow on the phone, sent a bunch of emails, and created a Doodle poll to track signups -- but it adds up.

* * *

UPDATE! I've made my initial visit to The whole thing was pretty painless, once I was actually allowed to create my account. The first three times I tried, I was told my account couldn't be created because of an error, but the exact nature of the error was not specified. The site suggested some things I might have done wrong, but the actual problem -- I had chosen a password that contained an invalid character, which I confess was completely my faultfor not reading the instructions more carefully -- was not among the suggestions.

This was aggravating in two ways. First, it would have been super easy for the coders to build a password verifier into the form. And in fact, they did just that in the form entry for the user ID; if you chose a user name that didn't contain both letters and numbers, it refused to let you proceed until you did. Second, each time the account creation process failed, I was taken all the way back to the beginning. I had to re-enter my name, used ID, password, and choose three security questions. Thanks, Obama!

Once I created my account, however, it couldn't have gone more smoothly. I found several plans that offer good coverage and are affordable even on my limited income. I have to look at all the options in more detail, but I anticipate being able to make my choice and pay the first month's premium in time for my coverage to be in effect on January 1, 2014. Thanks, Obama!

* * *

UPDATE! I came from from Pres House last Sunday with a ton of leftover taco meat, so I tried a variation on the chicken Divan recipe using diced tomatoes, taco meat, cheese soup, and crushed nacho tortilla chips. As a casserole, it was a failure; the soup was not an effective binder. But as a nacho topping, I think it would be pretty successful. I'll need to pick up some tortilla chips to know for sure though.
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