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Important news I missed because of an overzealous spam filter

I discovered this morning that at some point in November, Yahoo! Mail decided my Google news alerts were unsolicited commercial email and started directing them to the spam folder, thus depriving me of important news about armadillos and James K. Polk. For example, I only just now found out about the open house held November 30 at Amber Falls Winery & Cellars, which featured the official release of the first two wines in their Presidential Wine Series -- "The People’s Choice" Blackberry and "Sarah’s Choice" Riesling -- honoring James K. Polk and First Lady Sarah Polk. I probably wouldn't have been able to go anyway, because I had to work that day and also because the winery in question is 650 miles away. Also, I don't drink, so the opportunity to purchase the new wines would have been wasted on me. (And also, I might add, on the Polks, neither of whom drank.)

Among the other stories I missed:

  • San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has armadillo skin. Could be a metaphor, but I choose to believe otherwise.
  • The Duck Dynasty family stopped by Good Morning America and shared their recipe for armadillo eggs. Silly Robertsons, mammalian eggs are for monotremes!
  • 2014 FIFA World Cup mascot Fuleco has mad dance skillz

    World Cup Armadillo Mascot Fuleco Has Got Awesome Dance Moves

    Meanwhile, women are making Fuleco plush toys in an apparently unheated factory in Tianchang, probably for appallingly low wages.
  • Associated Press travel writer Jeannie Nuss cites armadillo-spotting in Two Rivers Park as one of the top five free things to do in Little Rock, Arkansas. With all due respect to armadillos, that's not why I'd like to visit Little Rock.
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