John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Christmas songs

The Christmas CD that plays at the calendar is pretty good. I say that as someone with a very high tolerance for Christmas music, mind you, so you might disagree, but by and large I've found the songs on it to be unobjectionable, even when heard six to eight times a day, with two exceptions. One of the songs skips, which is irritating, but the song itself is OK. (It's "The Heart of Christmas" by Matthew West.) The other one, though ... I don't hate it, but it's pretty lame. The lyrics were kind of dumb, the white-guy quasi-rapping was lame, and it just rubbed me wrong. Today, it occurred to me to Google some of those dumb lyrics, and suddenly the root of my antipathy was clear to me: it was by Train, and Train sucks. Leave it to them to record a Christmas song so lame that even a lover of Christmas music such as myself can't enjoy it.

Here's another song from the CD that I like more. Is it a great song? Heck no, but it's fun and bouncy and it puts me in a good mood. Plus the video's a lot of fun too.

Tags: holidays: christmas, music, work

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