John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Curses, foiled again, the online home of the local CBS affiliate, posted an article today about "exquisite New Year's Eve dinners in Madison." Seeing that, I figured it was as good a time as any to decide what movie I'll see that night. As many of you know, my New Year's Eve tradition is to see a movie that starts late enough in the day on December 31 and runs long enough that I'm still in the theater watching the movie when the new year arrives. See, I agree with Dilbert on the subject of celebrating the new year:

Dilbert comic strip from 12-31-2011

My way of expressing contempt for the idea of taking note of the one random point in the space-time continuum that is the arrival of the new year is to put myself in a place where I am unaware of when that point arrives, and where it would be socially unacceptable for anyone to take notice of it. I could, of course, accomplish the same thing by just going to bed early, but where's the fun in that?

Anyway, I quickly ran into a problem: the theater hasn't posted its schedule for New Year's Eve yet. Bah! This exemplifies the sort of discrimination I face as a New Year's Eve hater. People who want to celebrate the new year by going out to dinner can make their reservations right now, whereas I will have to wait until sometime next week to buy my movie ticket. Oh, the injustice of it all!
Tags: holidays:new years day, petty complaints

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