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24 January 2014 @ 10:49 am
Sic transit gloria kalendarium tabernam  
Yesterday was my last day at the calendar shop. I knew this day was coming, of course; I was told it was a seasonal job the day I was hired. And even if I hadn't been told, who would expect a store that sells calendars to stay in business past January? The demand for calendars hasn't completely dried up, mind you; we're still doing a couple hundred bucks a day in sales.Some of them are going to procrastinators, others to people who want to use them for craft projects, and still others to people who will buy anything that's being sold for 75% off the retail price just because it's so cheap.

I enjoyed the job, most of the time. The mall is hardly my favorite place to hang out, but it's nice being in a place where there are always people wandering around. That was something I always enjoyed when I worked on Capitol Hill or on the UW campus, and something I missed when working in suburban office parks. The dynamism of the setting lends a certain energy, I think. That said, there were times when the large number of people in the mall, combined with the too-small number of people working in the store, made the experience less than enjoyable. I'm thinking specifically of the last few days before Christmas. I remember one day, the MOnday before the holiday, I think, when during my four-hour shift I was only away from the register for a total of 15 minutes cumulative. That kind of sucked.

So now I've only got one job, the one at the sandwich shop. But in a fortuitous bit of timing, I've just been asked to take on some supervisory responsibilities there, so I'll be getting more hours and more money. Can't complain about that.