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Whence is that goodly fragrance?

Whence is that goodly fragrance?

Whence is that goodly fragrance flowing,
  Stealing our senses all away?
Never the like did come a-blowing,
  Shepherds, in flow'ry fields in May?

What is that light so brilliant,
  Breaking here in the night across our eyes?
Never so bright, the daystar waking,
  Started to climb the morning skies!

Bethlehem! there in manger lying,
  Find your Redeemer, haste away,
Run ye with eager footsteps hieing!
  Worship the Saviour born today.

Praise to the Lord of all creation,
  Glory to God the fount of grace;
May peace abide in every nation,
  Goodwill in men of every race.

French traditional carol
Tr. Allen Beville Ramsay and David Willcocks

Hey, here's a chance to pontificate on one of my pet grammatical pet peeves. Because "whence" means "from what place, source, or cause," it is never necessary to use the phrase "from whence." So, don't.

Tags: advent: 2003, poet's corner

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