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80s movies I'd like to see remade

One of my co-workers told me this afternoon about a radio call-in segment he'd heard about what 1980s movies should be remade. Apparently, more than one person suggested Back to the Future, which is just ridiculous. Robert Zemeckis himself demonstrated with BttF Part II and Part III that the original couldn't be improved upon. My co-worker's suggestion was to remake The Monster Squad, which is about a group of plucky youngsters trying to keep the Universal Monsters from taking over the world. I've never seen it -- I hadn't even heard of it until he brought it up -- but it sounds bad enough to to possibly benefit from a remake. I mean, you don't need to remake something good, right?

I have two 80s films I'd like to see remade. One is The Black Cauldron. I'm one of the few who liked that movie, but it was failed to live up to its potential. I'd really like to see a faithful adaptation of Lloyd Alexander's Prydain books, which is one of the few high fantasy series I've ever truly enjoyed. It's hard to imagine it happening, though. The Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Twilight movies have been hugely successful, of course, but I see those as exceptions, not the rule. If they couldn't make a successful film series out of the Chronicles of Narnia, there's no way any studio would back an adaptation of the Prydain books. The BBC might be able to pull it off as a television series, but why would they want to spend a lot of money adapting an American book series, even if it is based heavily on Welsh mythology?

The other 80s movie I'd love to see remade is The Secret of NIMH. More precisely, I'd like to see a faithful adaptation of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, on which The Secret of NIMH was extremely loosely based, and all copies of The Secret of NIMH burned in a fire and all record of it ever having existed dropped down the memory hole, because The Secret of NIMH is a terrible fucking movie that should have been made into ukulele picks before being released to theaters. I'll grant that it looks good -- Don Bluth was a hell of an animator -- but the storyline ... man, I can't even. Who looks at a science fiction story about super-intelligent rats and thinks, "what this really needs is a bunch of sword fights and a magic amulet"? Whoever it was, he needs to be beaten severely.

I've heard rumors that a new version of Mrs. Frisby might be in the works. Let's hope it happens, and that it doesn't suck.
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