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Make we joy

Make we joy

Make we joy now in this feast
In quo Christus natus est.

A Patre unigenitus
Through a maiden is come to us:
Sing we of him and say
"Welcome, Veni Redemptor genitum."

Agnoscat omne seculum:
A bright star made three kingès come,
For to seek with their presents
Verbum supernum prodiens.

A solis ortus cardine,
So mighty a lord was none as he:
He on our kind with peace hath set,
Adam parens quod polluit.

Maria ventre concipit,
The Holy Ghost was ay her with:
In Bethlehem y-born he is,
Consors paterni luminis.

O lux beata, Trinitas!
He lay between an ox and ass.
And by his mother, maiden free,
Gloria tibi, Domine!

Make we joy now in this feast
In quo Christus natus est.
Eya! Eya!

From the Selden MS (c. 1450)
Adapted by David Morgan

"Make We Joy" is an example of macaronic verse, being both in English and Latin. If you have a modern web browser -- that is, almost any web browser other than Netscape 4 -- you should be able to see the English translation of the Latin by positioning the cursor over the text. The Cathedral Choral Society performed David Morgan's setting of "Make We Joy" in 2000. I recall being very fond of it at the time, but now I can't really remember what it sounded like.

Tags: advent: 2003, poet's corner

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