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Book Madness, day 5

I suppose that at this point, having predicted the outcomes of the first 32 matchups of the UW-Madison Libraries Book Madness tournament, I could go ahead and predict the outcomes of the next 31. But jeez, that seems like an awful lot of work for a Friday night, so I'll just jump ahead to the Final Four.

Looking over the bracket, though, that seems like a lot of work too. Last year was so easy; I was able to accurately predict the Final Four and the championship round the first time I looked at the bracket. Quoting from my Facebook post:

Not a bad selection, though it's awfully light on nonfiction. I'll pick LoTR, Gatsby, Pride and Prejudice, and The Kite Runner for the Final Four; LoTR and P&P in the final; and Lizzie and the Darce to win it all.

I should note that someone must have been paying attention, because there were 12 non-fiction titles in this year's tournament versus 8 in last year's. Also, I see that my pal Jean replied to that original Facebook post with, "I doubt Lizzie will win!" Good call, Jean.

But this year, I dunno. The only region with an obvious winner is Trash and Treasure, and that's because Gatsby is back in the tournament this year. The Vexillological and Glasses regions are almost completely opaque to me. None of the possible winners in those region seem very plausible to me.

Nevertheless, needs must, so here goes. My Final Four predictions are Fight Club, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Great Gatsby, and Wolf Hall. Gatsby and Dragon Tattoo will face off in the championship round, with Gatsby emerging as the winner. Keen observers will note that I am contradicting myself; when I covered the Glasses Region on Tuesday, I predicted The Girl With Dragon Tattoo would be eliminated in the first round, whereas today I'm picking it as the tournament runner-up. What can I say, my thinking on the issue has evolved.

And it may evolve further by the time I submit my bracket. My confidence in Wolf Hall is shaky, and while I generally think a cult following can take you only so far, Fight Club may have stronger legs than I'm giving it credit for. I'll keep you posted if and when circumstances change.

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