John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Mr. Manager

Back when I worked at the bookstore, my first week as a manager happened to coincide with the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I was rather unceremoniously thrust into the role somewhat earlier than planned because by a fortuitous (for him) coincidence, the General Manager had arranged to take his vacation that week. Corporate management would have preferred he be there, but they really couldn't do anything about it; he'd put in the request, gotten it approved, and made his non-refundable travel arrangements well before the release date was announced. And so for the want of another manager on duty that week, I got the bump up.

History is this week repeating itself slightly. I mentioned some weeks ago that I'd been asked to take on some managerial responsibilities at the sandwich shop, and in the ensuing weeks I've been informally training for that. Last week, certain of my managerial powers, namely those that allowed me to use my own employee number to perform managerial functions on the POS, went into effect, and this week I've been tasked to open the store and manage the day shift on my own, In this context, "opening" means arriving three hours in advance of opening to bake bread, prepare the soups, and other such pre-opening tasks. Whee!

What makes this somewhat similar to the bookstore situation is that a) the reason I'm opening this week is because the GM is on vacation, and b) we've got promotions going on with two of the local online ordering hubs, which has dramatically increased our delivery orders (and made it more difficult to enter those orders to boot). Which is great and all, because we like making money, but it means my first couple of days managing the store on my own have been/will be much busier than they normally would be. But hey, that's why I get the big bucks.
Tags: halcyon days of yore, work

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