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  • Fri, 21:46: "McCain is the Donald Sterling of foreign affairs: old, angry, retrograde, and barely in touch with the real world."
  • Fri, 22:12: Netherland's stunning defeat of Spain this afternoon reminded me of a silly little joke I worked into a fic some years ago. (1/4)
  • Fri, 22:12: The fic ( was about Annie being arrested in Amsterdam and Jeff running to her rescue. (2/4)
  • Fri, 22:13: One of the characters was named Jacobus Vleugelspeler. He was a police officer who helped straighten out the mess. (3/4)
  • Fri, 22:13: Why did I call him that? Because "vleugelspeler" is the Dutch word for the soccer position known in English as "winger." (4/4)
  • Fri, 22:14: People with that name just can't help trying to rescue Annie! (5/4)
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