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Star of Wonder

Star of Wonder

Star of wonder in the heavens,
Wonder what you want of me.
Should I follow you tonight?
Star of wonder, star of wonder.

I am just a lonely shepherd
Watching from a distant hill.
Why do you appear to me?
Star of wonder, if you will.

In the morning they'll come looking
For the shepherd on the hill.
What would make her leave her flock
For surely she must love them still?

Star of wonder in the heavens
Are you just a shining star,
Or should I follow you tonight?
Star of wonder, star of wonder,
Shining bright.

Terre Roche (1953-)

This is my favorite song from my favorite Christmas album, We Three Kings by the Roches. (Until my own Christmas album comes out next year, anyway.) Go buy it!

Edited to add, by popular request, a brief snippet of "Star of Wonder," courtesy You'll need Windows Media Player to hear it. And if you can read music, you may be interested in looking at Terre Roche's own score for the song.

Tags: advent: 2003, poet's corner

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