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I just downloaded and installed the new version of Semagic, so I may as well take her out for a spin. Since today is January 7, I'll post seven random thoughts.

  1. It feels somewhat odd to be done with the Christmastide poetry project. I compiled and formatted all the poems I planned to use back in November, so this the first day since November 30 that I haven't known exactly what I was going to post each day. I'm giving some thought to doing a Lenten poetry series, but I don't know. I guess I have until February 25 to decide.
  2. Last Sunday, January 4, was the fourth anniversary of my having joined Television Without Pity. As of this morning, I've posted 3,019 times, and I've moved up to 92nd in total number of posts. But what's more important and more significant than the number of times I've posted is what I've done offline as a result of having joined TWoP. I've met in person more than 100 TWoPers, several of whom I consider very close friends. Granted, with some of those people I did no more than shake their hand or take their picture, but even if if you exclude the people I met only once, my total is above sixty. (I don't mean to exclude the TWoPers I haven't yet met in person, many of whom read this journal and all of whom I'm glad to know and would like to meet face-to-face someday.) I probably wouldn't have this LiveJournal if I hadn't joined TWoP, because I first came here to read LJs of various TWoPers I'd met, and a TWoPer gave me my activation code. My two trips to California were structured around TWoP activities. Really, there's been no downside to it.
  3. Yesterday was my nephew David's ninth birthday. Yikes! I remember going to see him the day he was born, and holding him for the first time. Hard to believe it was almost a decade ago.
  4. My new desk calendar -- that is, the calendar I keep on my desk at work -- features scenes from the first two Harry Potter movies. I hope my favorite character, Susan Bones, shows up in some of the pictures! She sneaks into the background of a lot of scenes, because she's played by Eleanor Columbus, the daughter of the director. She may not show up as frequently in Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire, since Chris Columbus didn't direct them; indeed, she may not be in them at all, since she's not mentioned in either book. Of course, she wasn't mentioned in Chamber of Secrets either, and yet I'm looking at her right now on today's calendar page.
  5. Speaking of Chamber of Secrets, did you know there was an armadillo in it? You can see one sitting on the desk of one of the students in Professor McGonagall's Transfiguration class. As I recall, it's on the left side of the screen. Make sure you look for it the next time you watch the movie. It make the film much more enjoyable.
  6. I know hcwoodward likes hearing what people got for Christmas, so here's a partial list: The Best of Trading Spaces DVD; Live from New York: An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live by Tom Shales and James Andrew Miller; The Adventures of Indiana Jones DVD set; a fancy Mexican armadillo; Why Girls Are Weird by Pamela Ribon (a.k.a. Pamie); a Superman trash can and miniature lunch box; a Christmas ornament from Norway, and another ornament shaped like a pickle; The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown; a gigantic Uncle Scrooge snow globe/music box; Bushwhacked by Molly Ivins and Lou DuBose; and Monty Python and the Holy Grail Special Edition DVD.
  7. I had a good idea the other day for a new collectible card game based on American Girl dolls. The idea is that the battles would be based not on physical attacks but on psychological ones. For example, Molly would attack by throwing a tea party and not inviting Kaya, and Samantha would attack by calling Felicity a slut behind her back. My nephew thought it was a good idea, because it would appeal both to girls and boys, but my brother suggested that it was more likely to appeal to neither.

    The same is probably true of my idea for a video game combining Pokemon and Grand Theft Auto. That one was inspired by my theory that if Pokemon were real, they would be strictly regulated by the government. Pikachu is a pretty dangerous critter, after all, being able to shoot lightning bolts out of his tail and all. So in my game, you would use Pokemon to commit crimes. It's brilliant! Except again, the people who like the anti-social aspects of Grand Theft Auto probably wouldn't care for the idea of robbing a bank with a fire-breathing lizard, and the kids who like Pokemon wouldn't be allowed to buy the game. Game design is hard.

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