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Busy weekend!

  1. I mentioned last month that the Cathedral Choral Society was planning to release a Christmas album this year. In preparation for the recording session, I attended two special rehearsals this weekend: one Saturday morning, and another yesterday afternoon. As rehearsals go, they were fairly low-impact: we drilled hard on a couple of pieces, but mostly just polished small sections of certain pieces. Having just performed this music last month, we already know it pretty well.
  2. The first recording session immediately followed the Sunday rehearsal. Recording an album is not as glamorous as you might think. It's very repetitious, and since it was the first night, there was a lot of standing around between takes while the producer and the engineers checked the balances. The subsequent sessions should be better in that regard, since the balances are now set. I think this session is going more smoothly than when we recorded our our hymn CD in 2002, largely because we're better prepared for this one.
  3. After Saturday's rehearsal, I drove back to Virginia, picked up Selannia, and went back into the city (by Metro this time) to see Bubba Ho-Tep with tivogoddess and a bunch of her friends. Fabulous movie. Much better than a film about Elvis and President Kennedy fighting a mummy deserves to be. Bruce Campbell does a very credible Elvis impersonation, and Ossie Davis brings just the right degree of dignity to his role as JFK. Adding to the fun was the trailer for The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, which might very well be the greatest movie ever made. I dare you to tell me otherwise after visiting the official site and watching the trailer.
  4. On Sunday morning, I went to church. Nothing unusual about that, except that this was the first service led by our new pastor. We've had an interim pastor for the last two years, so it was kind of exciting to finally have someone permanent in the position. He's a nice guy.
  5. After church, I stopped by my landlord's house to sign a new lease. He kept the rent increase very low. Whee!
  6. And after that, I had lunch with my brother and his family to celebrate my nephew's birthday. He's nine! Hard to believe. After lunch, they all went off to his birthday party, which I couldn't attend because of the aforementioned rehearsal. Alas.

Phew! That's plenty of activity for one weekend. Good thing I was able to come to work and relax.


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