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  • Wed, 21:38: RT @tomscocca: Nothing about Trump has ever looked kinda bad at first but turned out OK. He's always worse than you thought.
  • Wed, 21:38: RT @tomscocca: I have zero faith in one-man intel shops and unpublishable oppo but this rule of thumb hasn't failed yet
  • Wed, 21:38: RT @oneLOUDERash: NIXON: No way can you pull off a more scandal-ridden presidency than I did. TRUMP: Hold my beer. NIXON: Wait this isn’t…
  • Wed, 21:39: RT @Rschooley: Has there ever been a man more deserving of being buffeted by salacious gossip than Trump? How much airtime was he given to…
  • Wed, 21:39: RT @jessesingal: "DJT- It must suck to be dogged by salacious rumors ppl r gonna believe forever, regardless of evidence. Hope urine decent…
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