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I still haven't gotten around to looking carefully at the Screen Actors Guild nominees, but I did find the time to do a couple of quick memes. Yay?

First, the state meme, which I most recently saw posted by amandajane. As it happens, I did a very similar meme back in July, and it hasn't changed much. Since that time, I've been to two additional states, but only because I had to change planes in them. I've added them, but in my opinion they don't really count. States in which I've lived are marked in blue; states I've visited, in red; and states in which I've changed planes, in green.

States I've Been To

Next up, the 20 Songs meme. I think I saw fox1013 do this one. The basic concept here is that you open your MP3 player and set it to play songs at random. The point, I guess, is that by listing random songs from your play list, you get a good idea of what your musical tastes are like.

  1. Aimee Mann and Michael Penn - "Two of Us"
  2. Kenny Chesney - "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy"
  3. Apple Slap - "Amy Wynn"
  4. Earth, Wind and Fire - "Shining Star"
  5. Richard Cheese - "Nookie"
  6. Richard Cheese - "Bullet to Blue Sky"
  7. Burnt Taters - "Truth Is"
  8. John Cowan and Sam Bush - "Troubled Time"
  9. GTR - "When the Heart Rules the Mind"
  10. Nickel Creek - "Out of the Woods"
  11. Badfinger - "Come and Get It"
  12. Splendora - "Is It Fall Yet?"
  13. Michael Brecker - "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight"
  14. Emerson, Lake and Palmer - "Jerusalem"
  15. Rufus Wainwright - "Across the Universe"
  16. Stereophonics - "Don't Let Me Down"
  17. John Barnes Chance - "Incantation and Dance"
  18. Fatboy Slim - "Going Out of My Head"
  19. Focus - "Hocus Pocus"
  20. N'Sync - "We Can Work It Out"

Let me point out for the sake of accuracy that John Barnes Chance is the composer of "Incantation and Dance," not the performer. Because I'm all about the accuracy.


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