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Washington Week(end) in Review

Ah, a long weekend. And it's about time! It's been a whole two weeks since my last four-day work week. If only I worked for the Commonwealth of Virginia, I would have had Friday off too, for Lee-Jackson Day, which is a legal holiday here in the Old Dominion State. If you're ever looking for a fun way to annoy a native Virginian, suggest that Lee and Jackson were traitors and having a holiday in their memory is tantamount to the State of New York celebrating Benedict Arnold Day. It's fun to be a Yankee living in the South.

Anyway, I don't work for a governmental entity of the Commonwealth of Virginia, so I had to make do with a measly three-day weekend. I stayed home most of Saturday and did random home maintenance type things. I cleaned the bathroom, did some laundry, changed the battery in the smoke detector, things like that. And I watched a lot of TV. I got seriously behind due to the recording sessions last week.

Sunday was a more exciting day. First of all, my church recently hired a new pastor, and Sunday was his first day. Well, technically, his first day was January 11, but he shared the pulpit that morning with the interim pastor. Sunday was his first day flying solo.

After church I drove straight to my brother's house to put in an appearance at my niece's birthday party. It was quite the 'do -- Winnie the Pooh was there! Or so I'm told. I had to leave before he arrived, because I had to head downtown for a TWoP get-together. Man, what a heel I am! Blowing off my beloved niece on her birthday to go gallivanting around Washington DC with my disreputable friends! Oh well.

The plan was to go ice skating at the National Gallery Sculpture Garden ice rink, but it was raining, and ice skating in the rain is not much fun. So instead we went next door to the National Gallery and looked at an exhibit of Picasso portraits. After that, we walked up to the E Street Cinemas to see Monster. Not bad. Charlize Theron was very good, but I felt it was lacking something, though I can't really say what. I didn't know much of anything about Aileen Wuornos before I saw the movie, and I don't feel like I know much about her now. But Theron did an amazing job.

Monday, I slept in, made a quick trip out to the church to get some stuff I needed to prepare for the confirmation class I'm leading next Sunday, and then just hung around the house until it was time to go into DC for CCS rehearsal. This was the first rehearsal for our next concert, "Mystics Ancient and Modern." So far I'm not wild about any of the music, though maybe it will grow on me. I doubt it though. It's all very slow and boring.

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