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Another day, another batch of entertainment industry award nominations. Today it's the Writer's Guild Awards. The TV and Radio nominees were announced last week, but I refrained from comment until the Motion Picture nominees were announced yesterday.

  • Bend It Like Beckham was nominated in the Original Motion Picture Screenplay category. But wasn't that a 2002 movie? It wasn't released in the US until 2003, but it premiered in the United Kingdom in 2002, and the eligibility rules state that "the films eligible for Writers Guild Awards were released in the year 2003 under the jurisdiction of Writers Guild of America, East and west and affiliate guilds in Australia, Canada, French Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, and New Zealand." Since Beckham was a British production, it seems to me that it shouldn't have been eligible for consideration this year.
  • I haven't seen any of the movies nominated for Adapted Motion Picture Screenplay, but I've read four of the five works on which those screenplays were based.
  • The writing team of Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters picked up two nominations in the Episodic Drama category, both for episodes of Law and Order: SVU. That strikes me as impressive. I don't watch SVU, so I don't know if the episodes for which Fazekas & Butters were nominated ("Abomination" and "Loss") were any good, but in a certain sense it doesn't matter; the writer may submit any version of the script, even if it bears little to no resemblance to the episode as it aired. Harlan Ellison, for example, won a Writer's Guild Award for the original version of his Star Trek episode "The City on the Edge of Forever," even though his script was rather extensively rewritten before filming commenced. (The latter version won a Hugo, so it was pretty good in its own right.)
  • The different Simpsons episodes earned nominations in the Animation category: "The Dad Who Knew Too Little," "Moe Baby Blues," and "My Mother the Carjacker." I'm mystified by the nomination for >"The Dad Who Knew Too Little," as it was in my opinion one of the weakest episodes of the 14th season. (Though again, what we saw on screen may have little in common with the original script.) But "Moe Baby Blues" was one of the best of that season, and "My Mother the Carjacker" provided a decent start to the 15th season. That said, the best of the nominees is a Futurama episode, "The Sting."
  • I find it interesting that Mad TV picked up a nomination in the Comedy/Variety Series category. I don't recall it ever having been nominated for any award prior to this. Which just goes to show how faulty my recollections can be, since it's been nominated for a slew of awards, including another Writer's Guild Award in the same category last year.
  • I've always wondered why no NPR stories ever nominated in the Radio categories. They may be ineligible for some reason, but unfortunately, the WGA doesn't post their eligibility rules, so I'm left wondering. Dammit.
  • Hey, a nomination for Buffy! Sort of. The sole nominee in the On-Air Promotion (Radio or Television) category is Buffy/Enterprise, written by Eric Jacobson. I have no idea what this category recognizes, but yay for a Buffy-related work getting nominated!

The full list of nominees may be found at the WGA website.


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