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We had one of our periodic Storms of the Century last night. Looks like we got about six inches of snow, which is bad news for me because I bet my co-worker Brenda a dollar that we wouldn't get more than two inches. But unlike me she didn't bother coming in to work today, so I may try to weasel out of it by claiming she forfeited the money by not showing up to collect it.

I ended up staying the night at my friend Lori's house, not because the road conditions were bad -- they weren't great, but they were drivable -- but because ice kept accumulating on my windshield wipers, rendering them effectively useless. By the time I left this morning, the snow had stopped, so that was no longer a problem. And the roads were surprisingly decent, in Maryland at least. Once I crossed the border into DC, the conditions deteriorated a bit, but in both areas the major roads were largely clear. I have no idea what the roads are like in Virginia, but I don't doubt I'll be able to get home without much difficulty. Tomorrow morning may be another story, if we get the freezing drizzle they've been bleating about lately, but I've seen no sign of any precipitation today other than that already on the ground.

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