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Seven sites

I spent last night clearing shows off my TiVo and surfing the web. Before bed, I wrote a journal entry linking to some of the sites I visited, but then my PC froze and I lost the whole thing. I was able to find all the URLs though, so I recreated it this morning, and then Semagic crashed. There's a lesson to be learned here, but it eludes me. But third time's the charm!

  1. I've never been much into video games, and in the late 90s I wasn't reading comics, so I had no idea until last night that there had ever been a comic book based on the video game Doom. But thanks to, I've now seen the whole comic in all its wretched glory. It's truly bad, and I wouldn't even consider linking to it if I didn't know how much montykins loves Doom.
  2. I find Doctor Who jokes disproportionately funny. The first episode I ever saw of Coupling ("Her Best Friend's Bottom") featured a Doctor Who joke that reduced me to hysterics, much to the confusion of tivogoddess, who didn't get the joke at all. So this photo caption by pomobarney may not be as funny to other people as it was to me.
  3. I finally saw The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King yesterday, and it was pretty good. I've always found the LOTR movies easier to admire than to enjoy. I certainly didn't enjoy any part of it as much as I enjoyed this painting by Randy Martinez. And yes, I mentioned the movie just to justify linking to that picture.
  4. Teen Boat! He has the greatest super-power this side of Arm-Fall-Off Boy.
  5. If you like David Letterman's Top Ten lists, then you'll probably like 5ives about half as much. I'm particularly fond of Five ill-advised giveaway nights at the ballpark and Five ways I tend to feel after speaking with Sprint's Customer Service.
  6. How much of a comic book geek am I? Well, I mentioned Arm-Fall-Off Boy up there. Also, I got perfect scores on both the 12-Pixel Heroes and the 48-Pixel Superheroines quizzes. I had to guess on a couple though.
  7. I am a DRONE. I am NOT an individual. I exist to serve the will of the Collective. My thoughts and feelings are IRRELEVANT. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. Which Borg are you?

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