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This has not been an altogether pleasant day at the office. The woman with whom I share an office told me first thing this morning that she had scheduled a meeting to take place in our office later in the day. I was a little irritated by that bit of news -- there's a meeting room right down the hall, with a conference table and everything -- but I decided not to press it, and instead just arranged to meet with a vendor and grab some lunch during the meeting, which I was told would last a half-hour.

I got more irritated when I came back from lunch, thirty minutes having passed, and found the meeting still in full swing. But I gritted my teeth and worked at my desk, trying my best to ignore the four people sitting six to ten feet away chattering about configuration management, which paradoxically is both crushingly dull and impossible for me to ignore.

Much to my relief, the meeting broke up about thirty minutes later. Two of the participants left, but the third stayed behind to continue talking to my co-worker. He didn't leave for another ninety minutes. And it's not like they were actually working on anything; they spent most of the time talking about how my co-worker's brother-in-law still hasn't found a job, and how hard it is to find database work if you don't have any experience with Oracle, and how important it was to set up a debt management plan if you anticipate being laid off, and oh my God please just kill me. Eventually, they turned their conversation to business, and I was able to tune them out.

Now I'm alone in the office, thankfully, and I've put my New Pornographers albums on shuffle, so life is good.

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