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Mind the gap

So far this week, I've finished two books: Who on Earth Is Tom Baker? by Tom Baker, and The Wailing Wind by Tony Hillerman. Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, I know how long those books sat unread on my shelf before I read them. I bought the Baker autobiography from on February 26, 2001, and while I don't remember exactly what day they arrived, there's a reasonably good chance I got it exactly three years to the day before finishing it. The Hillerman novel is a little harder to pin down; I posted about having bought it on Wednesday, July 3, 2002, but I remember buying it at the Books-A-Million in Dupont Circle, and I'm pretty sure it was a Saturday or Sunday. So let's say I bought it during the last weekend in June 2002, or about twenty-one months ago.

That looks like a long gap, and I suppose it is, but it doesn't even begin to approach my record: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, which I received as a gift from Keith Morris in 1980 and finished reading in 2003. Frankly, it really wasn't worth the wait.

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