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  • Thu, 13:06: I read the recipe and it has dill pickles AND a cup of pickle brine in it so I am very comfortable knocking it before I try it
  • Thu, 13:54: This hypothesis relies on a *very* narrow reading of "early February." The impeachment trial was over on February 5, which to my way of thinking leaves at a minimum four days until the first day of mid-February.
  • Thu, 14:16: RT @wordofgreen: Remember when Michael Phelps was swimming in gold medals and breathless sportscasters were talking about the way his lungs…
  • Thu, 19:44: Give this guy Nobel Prizes in literature *and* medicine for both his fine prose and keen understanding of human anatomy.
  • Thu, 22:16: Thread (up and down). I'm grateful to Marley for highlighting the comments from county election officials. All too often, the people who run the elections are overlooked in news coverage of how elections are run.
  • Thu, 22:26: I think Dane County needs to pull an Andrew Jackson here. "Patience Roggensack has made her decision; now let her enforce it."
  • Thu, 22:34: RT @meakoopa: Diana Rigg’s looks were so iconic that for decades she directly shaped the history of women’s fashion in the @Marvel Universe…
  • Fri, 10:29: My kingdom for some keyboard shortcuts in this webapp. I hate having to use the mouse all the time.
  • Fri, 11:38: Such a good show. Still sorry it wasn't renewed for a second season.
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