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  • Sun, 15:48: No, @Mix1051Madison, we certainly can not agree that the Jim Carrey version of the Grinch is the best Christmas movie. It's nothing personal, it's just that I've, you know, seen it.
  • Sun, 15:52: When the singer of "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" says the three words that best describe the Grinch are, "and I quote, 'stink, stank, stunk'," who is he quoting?
  • Sun, 16:23: Despite not knowing the details of why the people commenting on this Tweet chose to drive long distances to vote in another state, I am nevertheless 100% confident that any one of them could have legally registered to vote in the state they left from and returned to.
  • Sun, 16:46: I was ok with the climbing up but then he started climbing down the same way and creepy
  • Sun, 18:39: I wonder if any comics-reading member of Generation X saw this and said, man, I don't like the X-Men but this comic is speaking to me
  • Sun, 18:49: RT @ethanmcarpenter: @mcprestigiacomo is a city council member who swore. @Hong4assembly is a future State Rep. who swore. @nadaelmikashfi
  • Sun, 21:39:
  • Sun, 21:48: They wish. A public road is a symbol of state power, thus an appropriate target of a protest against the state and state-sanctioned violence against people of color. Trump supporters blocking roads and highways because they can is just "might makes right."
  • Sun, 22:43: This definitely will not work in Wisconsin and may not work in other states. But as always, don't trust anyone but your state, county or municipal elections office when it comes to election law where you live.
  • Mon, 08:37: It me! I'm in the vestibule of the City-County Building ready to accept your ballot, locate your Election Day polling place, and tell you how to find the Dane County Courthouse if what you're looking for is actually the Clerk of Courts!
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