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  • Thu, 13:37: I am not that good at math but I'm pretty sure three campuses plus 11 campuses doesn't equal 13 campuses. @WISCTV_News3
  • Thu, 14:44: Getting pretty irked seeing complaints about WI not starting to count its ballots early when all but 600 of our votes were reported by 11:00 a.m. yesterday while GA started opening mail-in ballot envelopes and scanning ballots on Oct. 19 and still isn't done counting.
  • Thu, 17:01: A fine example of Madison-style performative progressivism: flying a COUNT EVERY VOTE banner in a state where, at the time of the flight, every vote had been counted except the handful that will be counted at the canvass on Friday.
  • Thu, 18:15: My 11-year-old nephew sent my brother this with the comment, "Nevada counting each ballot."
  • Thu, 18:15: ... no?
  • Thu, 18:37: I'm not sure I agree, because regardless of when Milwaukee started counting their absentee votes, it would have resulted in a sudden 130,000+ jump for Biden, which I think GOP conspiracy fetishists would find suspicious at any time of day ...
  • Thu, 19:09: RT @KaylaraOwl: If your leftism isn't intersectional and inclusive, then your leftism is bullshit.
  • Thu, 19:18: Hey, remember US Uncut? They were all over the place in 2016 but nowhere that I saw this year. Not that I miss them; pretty much everything they ever posted was some combination of wrong or misleading.
  • Thu, 19:26: RT @SavannaTomei: JUST IN: Wisconsinites cast 3,296,374 votes for president. The most ever in the state. That means we had 72.6% eligible…
  • Thu, 19:31: Yes, this. I'll go farther and say no report about turnout in Wisconsin or any other election-day registration state should ever mention registered voter turnout. It's very possible to end up with more than 100% "turnout" if EDRs are high.
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