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  • Thu, 13:31: With the finale right around the corner and in light of the extravagant praise she has received, I'd like to point out that one full year before the first episode aired, I said that Kathryn Hahn was the main reason to be interested in WandaVision.
  • Thu, 14:09: I like the Random Small Midwest Towns account in principle, but they need to knock off this Pennsylvania and Alabama bullshit they've been peddling today.
  • Thu, 14:49: Wait, that woman from Schitt's Creek was Kevin's mom in Home Alone *and* the Pope? Mind blown.
  • Thu, 15:48: Also the site of the Long John Silver's closest to me. Also too, a city of 25,000 people is not a small town.
  • Thu, 15:57: This is outrageous, it should've been cancelled years ago for being shitty in general.
  • Thu, 15:59: RT @nadaelmikashfi:
  • Thu, 17:14: I'll bet this guy's lawyer is thrilled his client admitted to illegally entering and occupying the Capitol on Jan. 6. I mean, it's not like he wasn't captured on film doing exactly that, but still.
  • Thu, 18:26: RT @s_vickman: MSNBC: "So Jake Sherman, what's the thought process behind the Senate's delaying tactics of forcing a reading of the bill?"…
  • Thu, 19:03: I find this weird because my church livestreamed its worship services until the Wisconsin Safe at Home order caused us to close the church building and we've never had anywhere near 1000 subscribers. Nevertheless, I subscribed and maybe you should too!
  • Thu, 19:07: RT @mattzollerseitz: Speaking as the son of two music composers, both of whom were saved from poverty only by the royalty checks they got f…
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