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  • Sun, 14:58: Frankie and Shirley. The former's dispassionate drive and focus directing the latter's deep well of violent rage is a good combo.
  • Sun, 15:22: I think may be an element of truth to this, because in those days we got the best of what was new (and a lot of crap, to be fair) PLUS the best of the old via syndicated reruns being the only thing to watch on TV after school and more broadly programmed radio stations.
  • Sun, 15:36: A Tragedy, to be sure
  • Sun, 16:03: Happy Pi Day! Here is a relevant poem I wrote some years ago. "I have news that I feel must be shared," Said the silly young baker named Baird. "As a chef I have found That the best pies are round, So ignore those who say Πr²."
  • Sun, 18:50: Whoa, a British series used a British slang phrase that's used often enough to have made it into the Oxford English Dictionary, must have something to do with Community.
  • Sun, 21:01: Why would I listen? Can't have been that good if it got him kicked off the Grammys.
  • Sun, 21:24: Just like to add that it's kind of neat that three of the first five people in the presidential line of succession are women. (That would be Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and Janet Yellen.)
  • Mon, 10:17: And none for Gretchen Weiners
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