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Wicked through and through

I bought the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Wicked last week, and I just love it to death. This doesn't exactly come as a surprise; Steven Schwartz is my favorite composer of musicals, and I'd heard nothing but rave reviews from people who'd seen the show. But I wasn't really expecting to like it so much. I've hardly listened to anything else in the week I've owned it.

The problem with buying a cast recording of a show you haven't seen is that it can be hard to figure out what's going on with regard to the story. I found a very useful site that provided context for the songs, but the author was deliberately vague about some of the details, so as not to spoil the show for those who intend to see it. Well, nuts to that. I need details.

Here are some questions that arose as I listened to the CD:

  • I understand that Nessa is Elphaba's sister and that therefore she's destined to become the Wicked Witch of the East. But why is she in a wheelchair? And how did she turn wicked?
  • What caused the talking animals to lose the ability to speak?
  • Did Nessa already have a thing for Boq before Galinda coerced him into asking her to the dance? Because otherwise she seemed to fall for him really hard really fast.
  • Why did Galinda change her name to Glinda?
  • What caused Elphaba to "fly off the handle" during her audience with the Wizard?
  • In "Wonderful," Elphaba seemed to be leaning toward allowing the Wizard to help her rehabilitate her image, but obviously it didn't take, What happened?
  • What happened to Fiyero? Did Glinda have anything to do with it?
  • How did Boq get turned to tin? And was Elphaba really responsible?

That should do it for know.

By the way, Fox, I totally get your icon now. Slashy!


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