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Ten random things: April 5

Ten words used by A.S. Byatt in Possession that I had to look up the definition of:

  1. excursus (an appendix or digression that contains further exposition of some point or topic)
  2. courgette (zucchini)
  3. espalier (a plant trained to grow flat against a support)
  4. mantilla (a light scarf worn over the head and shoulders)
  5. bedizen (to dress or adorn gaudily)
  6. wolds (a usually upland area of open country; a hilly or rolling region)
  7. winceyette (cotton flannelette with a nap on both sides)
  8. aubretia (hardy trailing perennial evergreen plant commonly found in English gardens)
  9. donjon (a massive inner tower in a medieval castle)
  10. penisneid (penis envy)

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