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Happy birthday to me

This was a very special birthday for me, because for the first time since 1993, my age is a perfect square. Not only that, all the segments of the date of my birthday -- 4/16/04 -- are perfect squares. How cool is that? I would submit that it is very cool indeed. But then, I'm a huge geek.

I has a very pleasant if low-key day. I put in a half-day at the office, then was told by my site supervisor to leave early. I'd like to say that I was given a half-day because it was my birthday, but in fact it was due to an unrelated contract issue. Nevertheless, it had the effect of being directly related to it being my birthday, because I used the time to have a free birthday lunch at Austin Grill (a benefit of being a member of the Austin Grill eClub) and deposit my birthday checks at the bank. Later, I went to see Hellboy, which I thought was pretty good. Thanks to the many negative reviews I've seen in the comics blogosphere, I went into it with lowered expectations, which always helps.

Thanks to everyone who wished my a happy birthday. You're all great!

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