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I was out for a walk this afternoon and happened to come across a group on teens standing alongside Market Street enthusiastically waving signs at the passing drivers. Most of the signs said something like this:


I was confused. What's so lax about waving signs and washing cars? But it turns out that LAX is what the cool kids call lacrosse these days. Who knew? Anyway, it reminded me of something I saw on CNN on last year. Remember how there was an elevated terrorist threat level around Christmas last year? Most airports beefed up security for the holiday season; at Los Angeles International, security was tighter than it had been since immediately after September 11. So on Christmas Day, during a segment on airport security, the news ticker at the bottom of the screen displayed the following item: LAX SECURITY AT HIGHEST LEVEL IN TWO YEARS. Nice. I guess they gave all the first-string blurb writers the day off.


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